eFiling and eService Fees

We do not collect any monthly service fees and we do not require a long-term contract. You pay for eFiling only as you actually use it.

And, you'll find that our fees are the most reasonable for the service we provide. In fact, other service providers are considerably more expensive than our service and they offer you fewer features. We are able to provide such a great product for two major reasons:

  1. A commitment since 1991 of providing affordable, productivity enhancing products to attorneys, and

  2. A high volume of filings that comes from being the most preferred proprietary eFiling Service provider.

Texas eFiling Fees
ProDoc eFiling Fees
ProDoc eService Fees
Other Non-ProDoc Fees that May Apply

Other eFiling and eService Fee Details
Refunds for Returned Filings
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Texas eFiling Fees
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$3.00* (no extra charge to include eService - we never collect more than $3.00 for an eFiling and/or eService).
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There is no charge for eService only transactions.

Other Non-ProDoc Fees that May Apply: return to top
  • State mandated Electronic Filing Fee when initiating a case only. Fees range from $5.00 to $30.00. The fees are included in the jurisdiction's case initiation fees.
  • Normal clerk's filing fees1
  • Service of Citation fees1
  • Miscellaneous services fees1
  • County convenience fee ($2.00)
  • State eFiling Manager's Credit card fee (2.89% of the total of all of the fees collected)
  • *8.25% sales tax on ProDoc eFiling Fee only.

We do not charge additional fees for other factors such as large file sizes.

1 Every clerk that accepts eFiling creates a jurisdictional profile of their filing fees. For example, during an eFiling session you select the type of document you are filing such as an Answer, Motion for Summary Judgment or New Petition, and we automatically calculate your court fee for you. Additionally, when you need a citation, copies for the process server, or a jury demand we can handle it for you-they're all included in our eFiling service.

Other eFiling and eService Fee Details
Returned Filings return to top

When an eFiling is returned, your credit card is not charged. Your card is preauthorized for the transaction prior to the clerk action, so you may see pending charges on your account until released by your bank or credit card company. For this reason, we strongly discourage us of debit cards in this system.

View All the Fees Before Submission return to top

All of the fees are determined during the online eFiling process and you will be able to view the total estimated cost of the filing prior to submission.

We provide you a Proof of Filing immediately after the filing is complete. The Proof of Filing contains your time stamp along with detailed fee description and all of the information about your filing.

David Scott

David Scott
Zimmerman, Axelrad, Meyers, Stern & Wise, P.C.

"As we began to eFile more often we began to appreciate even more the financial benefit. The low ProDoc eFiling transaction fee really helps to keep the overall cost down. Because we are charged per filing, there is an anticipated flat-fee, which is usually less than $9.00 per transaction. This allows us to know up-front what the cost to eFile will be, regardless of whether our filing is 10 pages or 100 pages. This is a definite added benefit."

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