Introduction to ProDoc eFiling

Introduction to ProDoc eFiling
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We make eFiling in the state courts easy, fast, and affordable. In fact, we are the most preferred proprietary eFiling service provider based upon market share. Law firms and attorneys have honored us with this distinction because of our excellent product backed by unparalleled training and customer support.

If you are like the hundreds of attorneys we have spoken with about eFiling, you have a few basic needs from eFiling:

  • You want it to be easy with virtually no learning curve.
  • You want free training for those who are less adventuresome and prefer some assistance getting started.
  • You want great customer support if you ever have questions.
  • You want a ready source of answers for questions that come up about eFiling.
  • You want the ability to manage, firm-wide, your firm's eFilings and eService... anytime.
  • You want it economical and reliable.
  • You want a proven track record of providing excellent service and value.
  • You want to work with the leader to assure your firm's partners that your choice of eFiling service provider is a wise one.
  • You want an open-ended agreement so you are not committed long-term in the event you change your mind about your choice of service provider.
  • You want a service provider who constantly upgrades and improves its eFiling product based on customer suggestions and feedback.

If you agree with most, if not all, of the above then ProDoc eFiling is the right choice for you.

Take a few minutes and look around our site and see if you don't agree. But, most of all read what our users say about us.

"ProDoc with the eFiling software is really slick. I drafted my documents in ProDoc, edited them in WordPerfect, and then eFiled them with ProDoc. 

I received confirmation within minutes that my documents had been transmitted to the clerk’s office. And, since it was late in the day and my office is far from the courthouse, ProDoc eFiling was ideal because I didn’t have to file by 5 p.m. and the fees were less than the costs of a courier.

ProDoc eFiling is a great addition for saving even more time in my practice."

Diana Habenicht

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